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Why I’m Raising Feminists Social Justice Warriors (And So Should You!)

There is something that has been bothering me quite a bit lately.  Many of my friends on Facebook have been announcing that they “no longer consider myself a feminist” or “don’t want to be associated with social justice warriors” or “don’t use the term atheist to describe myself”.  These are people who by all accounts are … Continue reading


“I Turned Out Just Fine” Part I- Spanking IS Assault.

This is not “poisoning the well” for a discussion of spanking. This is a plain definition of what it is. In many jurisdictions spanking doesn’t meet the legal definition of assault- but it fulfills every characteristic of “assault” that we would apply to the agreed use of the word. The only thing that changes “reasonable discipline” to “assault” is the relationship of the victim to his/her attacker and not being old enough to have a reasonable right to personal security.
I’ll say that again: Our society has a magical age at which you have a reasonable right to personal security. Continue reading