About George W.

PhotoFunia-5977934I’m a father of five children, four biological and one step child.  As such, I am uniquely qualified to pretend that I know something about being an effective parent.

Think of it this way: One kid is like having high school diploma.  Two is like getting a Community College diploma.  Three is like an undergraduate degree. Four is a Master’s- but five makes me, like, a PhD in Parenting or something.  And just like those pieces of paper this is only a guarantee that I have spent time (and perhaps effort) learning what it means to be a parent.  It is no guarantee of sound advice or rigorous thought.

I’m also a person.  As such, I am perhaps less uniquely qualified at being wrong from time to time.

If I am, I’m sure you will let me know.

I’m also a husband, thespian, arts lover, avid reader, political junkie, economics wonk, atheist, social justice advocate, and writer. Not always in that order.


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