The Reason You Need To Support Ontario’s Sex Ed Curriculum.

Even if sex education wasn’t proven to reduce teen pregnancies, though it is.Sex Ed Saves  Lives
Even if sex education didn’t reduce the incidence of STDs, though it does.
Even if the new curriculum didn’t give the best and most factual information, though it does.
Even if the new curriculum didn’t address the unique issues facing LGBT teens, though it does.
Even if it didn’t increase the likelihood that young adults will make informed decisions, though it will.
Even if you don’t care about lives being saved and lives made better, though you should.

Even if all these things were not true, though they are….

No parent in Ontario is required to make their kids learn the facts regarding sexual health. No parent is required to end the ignorance their children dwell in, or empower their kids to make informed decisions or judgements. No parent in Ontario is required to have their children attend sex education classes.

So when you write letters to your MPP, when you picket outside their office, when you keep your child home from regular classes in protest, or send editorials to the newspaper- remember that you are not angry that your rights as a parent are being taken away.  You still have authority over your child’s sexual education.

It’s not about what your kids will learn, it’s about what everyone else’s kids will learn.  It’s about what my kids get to learn.  What you care about if you’re fighting the new sex ed curriculum is making sure other people’s kids don’t get to learn facts that you don’t agree are facts.
Yet facts are facts, whether you agree with them or not.  Reality doesn’t care about your opinion.

Remember, please, that when you fight an evidence based, scientifically vetted curriculum- you are trying to legislate your moral beliefs on other people and other people’s kids.  You are not protecting your parental rights, you are being a tyrant.

You need to support Ontario’s sexual education curriculum because I don’t believe that deep down you are a bad person trying to take away other people’s freedoms.  I think someone didn’t give you all the facts, and now you think the government is trying to tell you how to raise your kids.

If you are a bad person trying to limit the freedom of others, then by all means, keep up the fight.  If, on the other hand, you were told things that were not true- remember that bad people only succeed when good people do nothing to stop them.

Our kids deserve better.


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